What is Shoestring Science?

Shoestring Science is made up of a group of informal educators who met while working at a regional science center and found a shared love of informal education and hands-on science activities done on a budget of pocket lint and gum. When it was time to move on in their careers, they wanted a way to share the techniques, skills, and tricks of the trade that they had accumulated. As a result, Shoestring Science was born!

Meet the team behind Shoestring Science


Ashley Sloan


Hannah Weiss and Jordan Thayer


Carly McIver


Leilani Dade

What is informal education?

Informal education is a catch-all term used to describe education that happens outside of a classroom or school setting. Because the locations and restrictions of these informal settings vary wildly, it can be very difficult to adapt techniques and skills from a formal classroom. This blog aims to, in part, explore what these classroom techniques look like in informal settings.

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